Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tips To Add New Contacts In Outlook Express

Bad memory is something to many people. Phone numbers and email addresses are just a few of the essential things that are most commonly forgotten.
Microsoft took a different approach when they designed the Outlook contact book. Microsoft shaped up the Outlook Express in such a way that the; once you send a mail to a particular contact the email address will be automatically stored on to the address book. This feature in the Outlook Express will allow the user to access the stored email addresses for a second time from the Outlook Express address book. A different plus point of this program is that a user won’t have to type in a mail address repeatedly as the Outlook auto-completes the email address when the user types in the first few letters of the same.  This will also help users to avoid spelling errors while entering the email address in a hurry. Track along the instructions laid out by the Microsoft Outlook Express help and support crew to learn about adding new contacts in to the Outlook address book.


Using Messages
Pick out a “mail folder” from the “Outlook Express folders list”.

Go to the "Messages" tab and right click on it and get the sender's name from the "From" tab.

Tag along "Add Sender to Address Book" tab from the menu.

Using Address Book

Hit on the "Tools" tab and move towards the "Address Book" tab. Later hold on the "Control", "Shift" and "B" to bring on the Outlook Express address book.

Opt for the "New" tab from the “File” tab and pave way to the "New Contact" tab

Now tag along the "Control" and "N" keys on your keyboard to add up a new contact.

Enter all the relevant information’s including name, mail address and phone number as well as birthday.

Trigger the "OK".

Using File Import

Pick out the "File" tab from the Outlook Express menu bar and track along to the "Import" tab.

From the import tab, access the "Address Book" and select the "Other Address Book" to pick out a suitable format to the contact.

Import a contact by accessing the "Open" tab from the “Files” tab to bring up the "Import" window.
If you are finding it difficult to cope up with these instructions, call the Microsoft Outlook Express help and support center for remote desktop assistance.

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