Sunday, January 4, 2015

What To Do When You Are Not Able To Receive Outside Email In Outlook?

As we all know, the Outlook program from Microsoft is capable of receiving email messages from different outside sources. For example, the users can make use of the Outlook program to get all the email messages from their work account, Gmail account and the Hotmail account. Sometimes the Outlook program will not be able to gather the email messages from one or all of these email accounts. This issue can be resolved very easily if you know the steps to be done.

The users of the program will be able to fix the issue by following the Omnitech reviews that are discussed below in this article. You may follow these OmniTech Support guidelines religiously to prevent any errors.

  • Open the Outlook program by double clicking on the desktop icon. In the interface of the program, click on the Tools tab that is located on the top of the window. A drop-down window will be opened and from this, you will need to open Accounts. 
  • You will now need to click on the Mail tab and will be provided with a list of accounts that are set up with the Outlook program. 
  • Now you can double click on the account in which you experience trouble sending the messages. 
  • Select the General tab and then double check all the email settings to ensure that the correct email addresses are in place. Understand that just a typographic error in this place can prevent you from sending or receiving email messages. 
  • Select the Servers tab and then check the Account Name. Ensure that you are making use of the full email address. For instance, if your email id is, you will need to type the full email id under Account Name, not just janedoe. 
  • Log in to your web based email account. You will need to go through the mailboxes and then delete those email messages that are obviously spam. You will also need to delete those email messages that do not have a From address. The spam email messages will cause the Outlook program to crash and hang. This will prevent the Outlook program from receiving any email messages from the outside webmail. 
  • Now you will need to check the settings on any of the antivirus or firewall programs to ensure that it is not blocking the Outlook program. 
These are the steps to be done when you are not able to receive email messages in Outlook from outside email accounts. For more help, refer to the Omnitech reviews or contact the tech support desk using the hotline number provided.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Reasons That Lead To The Email Attachment Problems

Many a times, users call up tech support services to resolve issues related to their email programs. One of the most commonly encountered issues related to email applications is the inability to receive attachments in emails. In such cases, it is always recommended to contact genuine tech support services like Omni Tech support team to get the best assistance.

According to the support guides offered by Omni Tech support service, there can be different reasons that can make you unable to receive an attachment.

Insufficient storage space

In most of the cases, the less storage space in email programs lead to issues where the users find it difficult to receive attachments in emails. If this is the reason, the person sending the email would often get a response back from the recipient’s email server that his/her mailbox is full or has exceeded the allocated size. In such cases, it is often recommended to use email applications that have more storage space.

Size of the attachment

The size of the attachment definitely plays a key role. All email providers do not allow their users to send and receive emails with large attachments. So, if your attachment file size is more, it is advised to post the file using an online service to store the data.

Malware issues

Sometimes, the attachment issues in your email program can also be due to the presence of a malware in your system. Hence, it is always better to run an antivirus program in your system to detect the virus or Trojan. This is because the presence of such malware content can make the email program reject the incoming of messages containing attachments. At any point of time, you can also refer the support guides offered by the Omni Tech support team to get more information on fixing this issue.

Attachment extension not allowed

Certain computer viruses and malware get distributed through email and due to this reason several email service providers and email programs prevent certain file extensions from being distributed. Some of the file extensions disabled by several email providers include: .ad, .adp, .crt, .ins, .mdb, .mde, .msc, .msp, .sct, .shb, .vb, .wsc, .wsf, .cpl, .shs, .vsd, .vst, .vss.

Email provider doesn’t allow attachments

Sometimes, certain email providers and companies do not allow emails with any file attachments to be sent or received by the users. Most of the providers consider this as a precaution to not let the information from being leaked out.

These are some of the main reasons that led to the email attachment issues. To get more assistance on the same, you may contact the Omni Tech support team.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Why You Should Try OmniTech Support

Computer support is something many people rely heavily on, and I’m one of these people. It’s easy to imagine how frustrating it gets when your computer has issues which you can’t fix. This is compounded if said issues keep you from getting important work done, or catching a bit of relaxation. It’s mostly the former that has people calling technical support over the phone.

Sure most of these problems can be solved if you look up a fix on the internet, as people do a lot of the time. But sometimes it’s too much trouble to go to, and it’s more useful and reassuring to have someone else to call. Of course they would need to be a professional to know ways around and through your computer troubles. This is exactly what you can be sure of when calling OmniTech support. This technical support provider has a panel of qualified experts available round the clock to deal with all kinds of problems you might encounter on your computer.

My personal experience with the company has been extremely satisfying ever since my first call. So much so that I’ve defaulted to calling them each time my PC starts giving me problems. There are few things as soothing as a calm, knowledgeable voice guiding you, especially if you’re close to pulling out your own hair by the chunks. The technicians at OmniTech support are always courteous, probably a far cry from your neighborhood support guy. I’m guessing because mine happens to be outright rude at times.

Every time I call OTS, I relate the problem I’m having in as few words as possible, so that I don’t start ranting. Whoever’s at the other end assures me they’ll fix this fast, and would I incidentally be interested in remote assistance? I always choose this option, because it feels better using the computer only after it’s been fixed. I’m sure many would relate.

There is no OmniTech scam to be worried of, and if anyone suggested otherwise, I’d laugh them out of the room. OmniTech is as close as you can get to a computer fairy godmother. Of course, you have to pay because no one works for free, but I write that off as trivial compared to how useful they are. The latter is enough to keep me from considering the possibility of an OmniTech scam. Doubters, meanwhile, can check out the extolling reviews online.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Procedure To Configure Microsoft Outlook In Windows

Microsoft Outlook, the most widely used personal information management software in the world, is developed by the world’s leading software maker Microsoft Corporation. Outlook gives users the ability to access emails from multiple webmail or email accounts. This way, users can receive, send and organize all their important emails in one convenient place. All you need to do is configure Outlook with the email accounts. Omni Tech Support guides can help you out here. Just follow the tech support instructions mentioned below and you can set up an email in Outlook.
  • First, launch Microsoft Outlook, and then click on File, then go to Info followed by Accounts Settings. 
  • Then, you need to highlight the account you are modifying and click on Add if you are adding a new account. 
  • Then, for Incoming mail server, enter your webmail server details 
  • For Login Information, key-in your webmail address and password. 
  • Then, check Remember password if you really feel it is safe to do so. Remember not to check Use Secure Password Authentication (SPA) 
  • After that, you need to click on More Settings and move on to Outgoing Server tab 
  • Click on My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication 
  • Choose Use same settings as my incoming mail server by clicking on it. 
  • Thereafter, on the Advanced tab, you can select SSL from Use the following type of encryption connection, for your Incoming server. 
  • Then, for the Incoming server, make relevant changes to port number 
  • In case you are using IMAP, type in your Root folder path: mail/ 
  • For the Outgoing Server (SMTP), enter the port number 
  • You need to choose TLS from Use the following type of encryption connection: 
  • Then, you need to click on OK. 
  • Hit Next, Finish, and then Close. 
  • In case this does not work when you are done, you can try adding the relevant port to your firewall. 
  • Then, if the email client is unable to find your Inbox, you need to tell it where it is: 
  • For that, go to Tools, Options and then Other tab 
  • Then, you need to click on the Advanced Options button. 
  • You need to click on Browse beside Startup in the folder and then choose the correct Inbox. 
  • Then, you need to click OK three times for the set up to complete. 
Hope, these Omni tech support guides were useful and you have set up an account in your email client.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Getting To Know More About OmniTech Support Services

In the era where computers and internet have took over the world, it is crucial to know all about computers. However, the technology is developing at such a fast pace that you remain technologically inept over the weekend, once a new technology is released. In such circumstances, it is required to have a partner by your side, who can teach you how to operate the different features of a computer and will take over and repair your computer in case of some issue. This is where tech support services come in.

Online tech services like OmniTech support are extremely helpful for laymen because they feature several OmniTech guides and other resources that help out its customers in every possible way. The blogs maintained by OmniTech Services help customers figure out the working of different application software as well as the Windows operating system. Moreover, they even feature several technological news articles from across the world so that you remain updated.

The technical guides furnished by the tech support services detail different application software like Outlook, Outlook Express and every single version of Windows. The guides are written in plain and concise English so that the user can easily understand the instruction set and then carry out the troubleshooting process on their own.

However, at times, some issues are extremely hard and require the need for an experienced individual to make the changes. In order to facilitate this service, OmniTech services have a hotline number that enables the user to interact with a technical support executive. These support executives are capable of diagnosing your computer in order to determine the issue and then troubleshooting them using remote access.

Remote access, despite all the bad publicity, benefits you the most. If you have any issue with your computer, if it were not for the remote support services, you will have to wait for the support technicians to arrive at your home. This would only be possible during office work-hours. Another factor to consider is expense. Providing on-location services will be extremely expensive. In comparison, remote services are much better because this allows for support technicians to gain full access to your computer sitting at their office cubicle. Moreover, this allows for quicker service available 24*7.

OmniTech Support guides are a name to reckon with and you can rely on OmniTech guides to get your work done. These tech guides have detailed all known major issues with both the operating system and different application software and are hence extremely useful.

Monday, November 10, 2014

OmniTech Support- The Best Technical Service Company

Whenever you experience an issue in your Windows computer, what is the first thing you do? Try to troubleshoot the issue yourself or call the nearby technician? Interestingly, most of the users opt for the latter option simply because they do not want to take any risks with their systems. In fact, seeking assistance from a technician is the best option, provided you contact a genuine person and not a fraudster.

As per reliable sources, several companies have cropped up nowadays who claim to offer affordable tech support services to repair the systems in quick time. In reality, these would be scammers that would have the only intention of taking money from the customers without offering reliable services. The main reason why many people fall into the traps set by such fraudsters is because they offer their services online and control the users’ computers remotely. This is why it is always recommended to contact authentic tech support services such as OmniTech support, which provide professional assistance to their customers. But again, while contacting the OmniTech support team, one should be aware of dialing the correct OmniTech support number. This is to make sure that the person doesn’t become a victim of OmniTech support fraud and scam issues.

OmniTech support has several interesting options for the customers like online-chat feature and remote assistance. With features like these, it becomes much easier for the users to get the system issues fixed in quick time. Whenever a customer calls up the OmniTech support team, the technician takes remote access of the system after getting the consent from the user. The benefit of accessing the system remotely is that the user would be able to view the troubleshooting and fixing steps and thus understand the core reason of the issue. In the future, if the same issue occurs, the user can attempt to fix the issue all by himself instead of again depending on the technician.

The technicians at OmniTech support are available 24x7. This makes it easier for the users to avail expert assistance anytime they require. Also, the OmniTech support fraud alerts warn the customers to only use genuine versions of software programs in order to prevent the occurrence of technical issues in the systems.

So, the next time you encounter an issue in your system, feel free to call the OmniTech support team. As mentioned earlier, by contacting OmniTech support, the users can be assured of the fact that the issues will be fixed in quick time.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Awesome Fast File Copy App For Windows 8

This issue has been present, ever since computers came into existence. We are talking about the hassles you go through for copying files from one location to another. The problem is not the copying, which can be done. It is the insane amount of time taken to transfer huge files. We need things to happen quickly today. The problem is mainly when there is huge lot of files to be transferred. When such files need to be transferred at a faster rate, you are stuck with the slow and extremely time-consuming transfer speeds. Just imagine a software that can make the impossible possible. How about a transfer application that saves your time by making the transfer process quicker? You would definitely love having it. Fast File Copy is one such amazing software application, which increases the speed of file transfer to a great extent.

Fast File Copy is free fast copying application for Windows 8 or Windows 7. This application is awesome, because it helps you transfer your files from one folder to another at very high transfer speed. Downloading and installing this freeware can help you save a lot of your precious time and effort, which you can otherwise utilize for something far more important and productive. OmniTech Support scam warning would like inform users that there are some fake file transfer apps that users should not download.

Here are some of the best features of the Fast File Copy:
  • It is possible for users to transfer their files with great speed 
  • It is possible to pause, resume or cancel the transferring process 
  • It is very simple to use and understand 
  • There is no high system requirement while using this application. 
Users can open the Windows Explorer to view your folder directly from this software
Here is how you can transfer your files using Fast File Copy
  • First, you need to select the source folder from the left pane and simultaneously, select the folder on the right pane where you want to copy the folder. 
  • After that, you need to click on Copy from source to destination folder button for transferring your files. 
  • The transferring of the files starts immediately. As mentioned, you can pause, resume or cancel the transferring process as per your wish. 
This application is lightweight, and if you require software just for the purpose of transferring files then Fast File Copy will be pretty useful. Again, OmniTech Support scam alert will remind you again that avoid downloading any fake or fraudulent file transfer application from the internet.