Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How To Email Microsoft Groove

Microsoft Groove is the software designed for document collaboration with various members in a team. Microsoft Groove provides a workspace for a team and allows the members to share various documents and also an option to discuss on a topic. Microsoft Groove comes packed with incredible tools like persistent chat, store and forward message delivery, firewall/NAT transparency and ad-hoc group formation. However, a major cause of concern regarding this software is that many don’t know how to troubleshoot this software. It’s unlikely for one to encounter major errors in this software, but as it’s always connected to a network in which files are shared with various users errors can never be ruled out. To this extent, you can get quality Microsoft support with regard to Groove by simply mailing the team with your issue. Here are instructions for the same.
Turn on your Windows installed machine and wait till all the files are loaded.
Launch the internet explorer application by either clicking on the shortcut icon placed on the desktop or access it from the startup menu.
Navigate to the Microsoft Office website and access the "Products" menu placed on top of the window.
Go for the "Groove" that is included in the "Desktop Programs" tab that is placed to the left of the window.
Now just roll down to the left of your current screen and pick out the "Support and Feedback" feature to pick any of the following two options to contact the Microsoft support team; "Send us Your Comments" or "Product Support".
Write an email for sending it to the Microsoft groove team by going to the "Send us Your Comments" tab. When clicked, this option gives a new window which will have space to craft an email with a word limit of maximum 650 words.
In case you encounter any sort of technical issue, just hit on the "Product Support" tab that is enclosed within the "Support and Feedback" title.
From the following menu, pick out the "Groove" tab to establish a connection with the "Groove Solution Center" and then roll down to the bottom of the page to pick out the "Get Help Now" tab.
Now just tag along the "Start Email Request" that is placed beneath the Email Support Column menu.
For additional information regarding other trouble shooting measures in this software, contact the technical executive from the Microsoft support team who can be reached through chat or email or phone.

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