Sunday, September 28, 2014

Microsoft Office For Mac Updated

Microsoft Outlook is an email manager program that is used by many around the world for managing their emails. The Redmond based company even released a version of the email manager program for Mac users. The Office 2011 is one of the most widely used versions of the Outlook email client for Mac. Many users were having some troubles while using the email client, and many users were looking to fix Microsoft errors related to the email client in any way so that they would be able to use their email manager program as it was in the beginning.

The update that Microsoft released which was code-named as 14.4.3 includes many fixes for the common issues found in Outlook for Mac. Some of the fixes included with the update are given below.
  • One of the most common issues with the Outlook for Apple Mac program was that it often stopped automatically by detecting and connecting to the connection settings of the Microsoft Exchange server and asked the users to manually configure the settings. With the new update in place, the issue is fixed and Microsoft Outlook will automatically configure and connect to Exchange server settings.
  • Often Mac for Office will delete the shared folders in the Outlook email client that are added to the e email manager program by using the Open Other User's Folder feature due to the presence of some issues with the program. The new update for Mac will also fix Microsoft errors that lead to this situation.
  • Some bugs in the program will make it to continuously try to connect to the disabled public folders or exchange server that was removed by the administrator. This will lead to a dead lock and the program will not function correctly. This issue is also fixed by the new update.
One of the main prerequisites for installing the update for Office 2011 in your Mac-book is to have a Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later version and an Office for Mac 14.1.0 or later. The main feature of the update is that it can be installed on standalone versions of the Outlook program and programs that come along with the Office 365.

The company has been releasing major updates for their Office suite for Mac long back from the product’s release date; however, the company has not made it clear when the new update for the product will be released to the market.

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