Thursday, January 16, 2014

Procedure To Remove WhiteSmoke Virus

Viruses are probably the most annoying creations of sadistic minds. They’re purely intended to create problems and irritate people. A virus is actually an executable malware. When you accidently click on it or when the virus is executed through one of many available means, it generally shows a tendency to replicate by inserting copies of itself. The copies can probably be present as modified versions. These copies then spread into other computer programs, data files, or even the boot sector of your hard disk.

WhiteSmoke virus is one such annoying virus that has been created to PC users all around the world.

Actually, it is quite similar to or related to WhiteSmoke translator, which is a presented as translation software enabling you to take any text, from any text-based application. Then this text is automatically translated into a destination language. Though it might be highly capable of returning high quality translations, it has also been reported to install Trojans on the victim's computer, and cause annoying redirections to unwanted websites. This is probably not the only unwanted activity of this ostensibly harmless software. After installing it, you may see that a WhiteSmoke toolbar has made an unsolicited entry in your PC.

How is WhiteSmoke virus infecting your PC?

There are many websites which are legitimate, that do the work of promoting WhiteSmoke translator. The problem here is that most of them do not know that WhiteSmoke virus is present along with the WhiteSmoke translator, bundled with the freeware. Once this virus gets inside your computer system, then it starts its annoying activities immediately. There are various icons like are named as Improve Your PC. When you click on this icon, they redirect users to questionable websites having been found to promote other malicious applications. Apart from that, WhiteSmoke virus replaces user's default start page to WhiteSmoke in Internet Explorer, and then it manipulates search results and cause various pop up advertisements to appear. That is the reason why many security experts have started to list this software as 'Potentially Unwanted and Undesirable'. Here are some instructions for WhiteSmoke toolbar removal.

WhiteSmoke toolbar removal procedure

For uninstalling WhiteSmoke toolbar manually, you can take the following steps.

For Internet Explorer

You need to open IE.
Go to Internet Options.
After that, you need to choose Programs and click on Extensions.

Mozilla Firefox

You need to launch the Firefox browser.
After that, go to Add-ons menu, for deleting the WhiteSmoke virus.

Follow this procedure through and you’ll be able to discard the WhiteSmoke toolbar without any problems.

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