Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Support for installing multiple processors

Microsoft, the front runner among the developers of operating systems in the world has designed the Windows OS in such a way that, they are equipped with utilities to support more than one CPU or a multi- core processor. The operating systems such as Windows Vista business, enterprise, ultimate editions and Windows 7 professional, enterprise, ultimate editions are capable of handling multiple processors. If you are in need of computer support regarding this issue, go through these guidelines.

Just make sure whether the Windows operating system currently installed on your PC supports multiple processors. If it does, then propel to the next step. Else, install an operating system that supports multiple processors.
Check if the mother board installed on your computer supports multiple processors. If so, your mother board will be equipped with an extra processor slot.
Check the speed and stepping of your processor by going to the “processors” menu that lies within the "Device Manager" tab. This tab can be located inside the “Systems” menu which hides inside the "Control Panel"
Now go for the "Properties" tab inside the processor Window to check the speed and stepping of your current processor. Windows recommends for same speed and stepping for supporting multiple processors at a time.
Acquire one with exactly the same speed and stepping of your currently processor.
Make sure that you have updated your BIOS and drivers before the installation of your new processor.
Now shutdown you Windows machine.
Bend over to your CPU and remove the side panel by unscrewing the screws to reveal the mother board installed in your CPU.
Locate the extra slot and install the new processor with sufficient thermal greasing below the processor.
Every processor runs at a high speed, thus it is quiet natural to generate heat. Install a cooling device to take this heat away from your processor. You can go for a fan or a heat sink.
Now close the CPU by fixing the side panel with screws.
Connect all the plugs and power up your computer.
Windows is having a utility “Windows Plug and Play”, which will detect your new processor. This utility will wind up the installation of new processor without any authorization.
You will now feel the improved processing power of your computer. However if you are in need of more support, drop a line at the Windows help center.

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