Sunday, September 28, 2014

Microsoft Office For Mac Updated

Microsoft Outlook is an email manager program that is used by many around the world for managing their emails. The Redmond based company even released a version of the email manager program for Mac users. The Office 2011 is one of the most widely used versions of the Outlook email client for Mac. Many users were having some troubles while using the email client, and many users were looking to fix Microsoft errors related to the email client in any way so that they would be able to use their email manager program as it was in the beginning.

The update that Microsoft released which was code-named as 14.4.3 includes many fixes for the common issues found in Outlook for Mac. Some of the fixes included with the update are given below.
  • One of the most common issues with the Outlook for Apple Mac program was that it often stopped automatically by detecting and connecting to the connection settings of the Microsoft Exchange server and asked the users to manually configure the settings. With the new update in place, the issue is fixed and Microsoft Outlook will automatically configure and connect to Exchange server settings.
  • Often Mac for Office will delete the shared folders in the Outlook email client that are added to the e email manager program by using the Open Other User's Folder feature due to the presence of some issues with the program. The new update for Mac will also fix Microsoft errors that lead to this situation.
  • Some bugs in the program will make it to continuously try to connect to the disabled public folders or exchange server that was removed by the administrator. This will lead to a dead lock and the program will not function correctly. This issue is also fixed by the new update.
One of the main prerequisites for installing the update for Office 2011 in your Mac-book is to have a Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later version and an Office for Mac 14.1.0 or later. The main feature of the update is that it can be installed on standalone versions of the Outlook program and programs that come along with the Office 365.

The company has been releasing major updates for their Office suite for Mac long back from the product’s release date; however, the company has not made it clear when the new update for the product will be released to the market.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Improve Battery Life In Windows 7

Windows 7 is one of the best OS platforms of all times. As computer users, we would definitely wish to have prolonged battery life for our systems. This is a genuine wish that every user would have. If you are one such person, let us check the different techniques that could help us to save the battery life of Windows 7. You can even contact Windows 7 help and support team to know more about it. Let us go through the different tips given below.

Idle resource usage

For a majority of time, our computer stays on and this will use up considerable energy and power. This is one of the most important factors that you need to consider while using a computer. The utilization of resource in Windows 7 can be reduced considerably and thus, idle efficiency in Windows 7 can be improved a lot. You can make you hardware function at a lower power and thus increase the life of your battery. The hardware components that can be considered include disk, processor, network activity and memory of the computer. CPU will use nearly 0 watts when it is idle and it will consume upto 35 watts when it is at complete power mode.

Enable Start Services

When you normally start your computer, a majority of the services start automatically. But, there are certain services in Windows 7, which start only when there is an IP change. This makes certain services to start at inappropriate timings. You can make these services initiate during startup.

Advanced power management for processor

There are certain processors that could manage power in a better way. You can choose processors that have device drive supports. You can consider its level of performance and its capacity to handle load before you get it implemented.

Reduce brightness for display

When the computer is inactive, you could reduce the brightness of the display and this could save the battery life considerably. You can even turn off the monitor or simply dim the display.

Audio with minimum power

If you compromise on audio power, it could save your battery life. For the devices like microphones or web-cams, you can choose them with low audio power.

These are the different factors that you can consider to save battery life in Windows 7.You can contact Windows 7 help and support team for assistance, if you need any.

Using Windows XP On Your Xbox 360

Xbox 360 has been one of the most successful gaming consoles and is well known for the amazing gaming experience that it provides the users. Some of the excellent features in Xbox 360 include Xbox Live, Xbox Live Marketplace, Xbox Video, Xbox Music and much more. According to the Windows tech support technicians, the Xbox 360 console can also be connected to a personal computer running on Windows XP operating system. However, the gaming console has not been designed to run Windows XP as the operating system and it is also a bit difficult to install the OS into Xbox 360.

Nevertheless, the console has options to perform many of the Windows XP functions and that includes the ability to stream music and photos while connected to your Windows XP computer. You can use the following instructions provided by the Windows tech support team to use Windows XP on your Xbox 360 console:
  • In the first step, you need to access the internet on your PC and go to the Xbox 360 Media Download Center. Now, you need to click on the link labeled Windows XP on the Xbox 360 Media Download Center page to get directed to a page by the name ‘Listen to Music, View Pictures and Watch Videos on your Xbox 360 Console’.
  • Next, you need to download the software by clicking on the Zune link, which you can find at the top of the page. Once installed, open the program on your Windows XP computer.
  • Now, you need to access your computer control panel and then click on Settings, followed by Software and then, on Sharing. At any point of time, you can also contact the Windows tech support team to get assistance on this.
  • You need to select the Enable Media Sharing With Xbox 360 option in the Sharing menu and then power on your gaming console, if you haven’t already done that. Now, click on the main menu button and move onto the Xbox Dashboard.
  • Next, you need to click on the My PC listing on the Xbox Dashboard and then select one of these options available there: Music, Pictures or Videos. This will make the operating system to stream the chosen content to your Xbox 360 gaming console.
These instructions can help you to successfully use Windows XP on your Xbox 360. To know more about Xbox gaming console, you may contact our technical support team.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Problems With The Touchpad In Windows 7

Even now, with end of mainstream support looming just months ahead, Windows 7 is the most popular operating system in the world. People can’t get over how easy it is to work with the OS. However, in the meantime, focus among Windows devices has shifted from the keyboard-and-mouse combo to touch screen, with the swipe motion now an integral action. Computer manufacturers are heavily capitalizing on the growing popularity of Android and iOS devices.

Not to be left behind, Microsoft plunged right into the tablet market early on. The first move was when they tied up with Synaptic to standardize common type and touch gestures. When they launched Windows 7, there was included compatibility for the latest generic Synaptic driver at the time. But, the seamlessness was more or less lost when you moved on to Windows Phone. Then you have to contend with driver problems.

The move towards future

Browsing loads of websites is no more a matter worth mentioning these days. It’s the reason why many of us buy tablets and smartphones in the first place. Windows 7 computers too are useful in this regard. There is a problem however, that users face with the touch pad in the OS. This usually traces back to having the generic driver from Synaptic, instead of a using a specific version.

Sometimes users are unable to troubleshoot their touchpad problems in this operating system. Your device can be customized in many ways, and there are multiple options to assist in this. Yet sometimes, it is required to have a technical expertise to fix some of the peskier problems. This is when it’s best to have the benefit of tech support, and of the experienced and qualified team.

If you are past the support lifetime of your product and the manufacturer no longer offers free support, your only option is to get paid support. But if that is the case already, then why not consider alternative providers. Some of them would probably charge less for comparably satisfactory services, and give your money’s worth in support and assistance.

The most commonly preferred form of tech support today is online, as it is fast, reliable, and effective, and more to the point, convenient. We offer the best on-going support for your Windows PC, including security checkups and system optimization. We also give support for Office suite applications, and help with your driver installation problems. Call our hotline number and set up a live chat session with our technical expert.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Patches Imminent For Windows 8.1 Upgrade Problems

There are plenty of Windows 8 and Windows 8 RT users now, who are wrestling with the Windows 8.1 upgrade, much like those who deliberated whether and how to upgrade to Windows 8. There is a new automatic update from Microsoft, intended to help with the problem. The company has a patch they are trying out for Windows RT, in limited markets, and are planning to roll these out elsewhere.

The pilot program works in a way much similar to the Windows 8.1 update. It will automatically revise the existing Windows 8 or RT installation, by bringing in Windows 8.1 update and Windows RT 8.1 update, respectively. Again, this is only for users in select markets.

Availability of the Patch

Originally, the Windows 8.1 update was only available from the Windows Store, and there was no other place to get it. This brought in issues from failed downloads, which caused updating errors. Many users could not get the update to install once downloaded, and Microsoft neglected then to prepare workarounds for this scenario.

The current update is one, however, which does its trick by setting up users’ devices to upgrade automatically through the Windows Update. For a user to update now, they can check the Windows Store for available updates. There is also the alternate RT version of Windows 8.1 available for download from Microsoft’s official support website. This version can be installed straight off.


Despite Windows 8.1 being a far better sight than the original Windows 8, and despite all the trouble to get it out there, the former is perceived as little more than a rebound from the latter. This isn’t lost on Microsoft, who are pushing fast ahead with their plans for Windows 9. This OS reportedly brings back the much-loved Start menu.

In the works

Microsoft’s frenzied efforts for patching the Windows 8.1 update process reportedly delayed the release of Windows 9, but they are now free to release a preview for Threshold, which is slated for fall this year.

Although a different adaptation of Windows, the Threshold OS does not stick to gratifying mobile device users the way its predecessor did. Most of the UI will reportedly be configured for the keyboard-and-mouse crowd. What it mainly retains from Windows 8 are the Metro apps.

That was some information on Windows update options. For help on how to upgrade to Windows 8 or 8.1, call our tech support team and we will walk you through the process.