Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Disabling Microsoft Live Search

Windows Live Search is the search engine developed by Microsoft to replace the MSN search engine. The search toolbar of Microsoft Windows Live allows the users to search for web pages, images and videos from the menu bar area of the Internet Explorer browser. Many users find this toolbar an easy way for browsing the Internet than using a separate search engine page.

This toolbar may make the Internet Explorer web browser clutter together with the other toolbar components. This toolbar may also lead to security compromises. So, if you want to disable it or remove the Windows Live Search tool, you may read ahead. The Windows Office Live tips shared below will help you to remove the toolbar from your computer.


  • Turn on your computer and after the computer has booted up completely, click on the Start button. The Start button is present on the extreme left hand corner of the computer screen and the button is green in colour. This will open the Start menu. From the Start menu, select Internet Explorer. This will open the Internet Explorer web browser. Wait until the web browser has launched completely.
  • In the menu bar of the Internet Explorer browser, locate the Tools tab and select the Manage Add-ons option from the drop-down menu. Wait until the add-on utility window opens and click on All Add-ons. You can find the All add-ons button under the header named Show. 
  • Scroll down, find the Windows Live Toolbar option, and click once on the Disable button. After performing the above steps, close the utility window and exit all the Internet Explorer windows.
  • Shut down the computer and restart it again. Once the computer has restarted, launch the Internet Explorer browser again. You can notice that the Windows Live toolbar is not active and missing from the Internet Explorer browser window.

These are the simple steps that can be followed to remove the Windows Live toolbar from your computer. If you have any more doubts or if you are not sure of any of the steps that are explained below, you may contact the Windows Office Live help team. They will help you to clear your doubts and complete the steps successfully. You may also make use of our tech support feature for any further assistance.

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