Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Setting Up The Outlook Program To Receive Emails

Microsoft Outlook is an email client developed by Microsoft for Office suite that operates as a personal information manager. Outlook is a very useful email and contact management software present in the Microsoft Office set of productivity programs. It is always wise to use the Microsoft Outlook program as your email client to keep your business data in an organized manner. For the Outlook program to be useful, you need to configure the program to automatically download and send emails with the help of your email account.

The latest versions of the Outlook program have automated a large part of this process and have made the process of setting up the email account simple. You just need the name of your account and the password to set up the Outlook program.

The steps to be done are discussed in this article. If you find any difficulty in following any of the below steps, you can always contact the Microsoft support team for further clarification. The technician will direct you through the process of setting up the Outlook program to receive the emails.


  • Turn on the computer and open the Outlook program.
  • In the Outlook program window, click on the Tools tab and go to the Email Accounts option, if you are not prompted automatically to set up the Outlook program when you run it. Clicking on the Add Account option will take you to the same location as if you were prompted in the start up.
  • In the box that says Name, enter your name.
  • In the Email Address box, type in your email id.
  • Type the password that you like to use in the Password and Retype Password boxes. After entering the password, click on the Next button.
  • You may click on the Finish button when the Outlook program has connected to the server and has completed configuring itself.

This is the Outlook email set up procedure to set up Outlook to receive emails. The steps are very easy to follow and are very simple. You need not worry if you find any difficulty in following the steps. You can always contact the Microsoft support team to help you with the Outlook email set up procedure. You may also refer the Outlook support module of the official Microsoft web site to know more on the steps involved.

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