Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Microsoft To Discontinue Windows XP By 2014

Microsoft recently announced that the Windows XP operating system would expire on April 2014 and the company would not provide any service updates and security fixes. Even the Microsoft tech support would not be providing service for the users, irrespective of being free or paid. Hence, it is clear that Microsoft is planning to make Windows XP obsolete, and is now focusing more on releasing the updated versions of Windows 8. Hence, most professionals are advising the users to upgrade their system to Windows 8 in the coming months.

The companies running their systems on Windows XP are prone to viral threats, and may experience problems that cannot be fixed, or are extremely expensive to have fixed. Hence, it is clear that after April 2014, any viruses or computer bugs affecting the Windows XP operating system would no longer be taken care of by Microsoft engineers at the Windows XP help. Hence, it is quite clear that the users who have not upgraded to Windows 7 or Windows 8 would need the assistance of IT specialists, and that only these specialized IT engineers would be able to fix said issues. The irony here is that the stopping of services by Microsoft would turn out to be a boon for these engineers, as well as for other companies that offer technical assistance. For example, Telx Computers, which offers the most comprehensive support services amongst Miami IT services, announced new service contracts that would offer businesses assistance with upgrading software after Windows XP support expired. It also states that the customers can be reassured that the engineers here would be experts in PC repair, and would have all the necessary knowledge and skills to ease them through the operating system transition.

Telx Computers also provide 24-hour assistance for companies, similar to the Windows XP help for those unable to upgrade their operating systems before the April 2014. Business owners may be nervous about the possibility of losing data or corrupting files in this process. However, with the support of experienced IT engineers, along with dedicated servers providing back up, this scenario would not happen, as Telx Computer’s customers are given technical support around the clock, response times are exceptionally fast, and their dedicated servers keep data safe and protected. These features indeed make Telx computers one of the best IT companies in US.

Hence, it is quite clear that these users would have to depend on independent companies as well as experienced engineers if problems occur on their copies of Windows XP after the OS has been discontinued support for.

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