Sunday, October 6, 2013

How To Access Network Folders On A Windows 8 Pc?

Microsoft had developed the Windows 8 operating system this way, mainly because many users found it hard to run their touch screen computers and tablets on the Windows 7 operating system. The controls were not smooth enough to offer a sophisticated user experience. Hence, the Windows 8 operating system was launched as a successor to this, and many advanced and novel features were introduced in it. The Metro UI is known to run smooth with touch-based devices such tablets, smart phones as well as the laptops. Recently, however, many issues have been reported regarding the inability to access files and folders on Windows 8.
These Windows 8 problems generally occur while sharing the folders and the files to a new computer. There are several troubleshooting techniques which you can follow to ensure that you have opened the network file sharing options. While setting up file sharing on the Windows 8 PC and trying to access the folders shared by other computers on the same network, there are chances that you would still get access error messages. These errors occur especially when you try to access folders shared by other computers on the Windows 7 platform.
You can follow these steps to fix such Windows 8 problems before seeking assistance from Windows tech support.
  • In the first step, you need to go to Computer Home Group on your Windows 8 PC and one of your Windows 7 PCs. This is done to make sure that the files are effectively shared to the new computer.
  • On the Windows 8 PC, there would be an option to join the existing group. Select this option to join an existing home group. Now, on the Window 7 PC, go to Home group settings. You can also contact Windows tech support to help you with sharing the folders on the new computer.
  • Now, check the home group password. Enter the password on the Windows 8 PC. Make sure you enter the same password on the computer.
  • Once you finish these steps, you would have to log out and log in again for the changes to take effect, and once that is done, you will be able to access shared folders on network from your Windows 8 PC.
You should be able to access folders on a Windows 8 PC by using these instructions. For more information, you can also check Microsoft’s official website.

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