Thursday, February 21, 2013

How To Prevent Outlook From Automatically Logging In To Your Email Account

Are you planning on setting up a new email account in Microsoft Outlook? If so, you may have inevitably found yourself in that frustrating situation wherein the Outlook program automatically opens up your account whenever you start your computer! While you work on shared or public computers, you will most certainly want to get this option to remember your password disabled. If you do that, Outlook will not keep your data protected. And from the next time, it will login only after asking you to enter your mail username as well as password. Given below are instructions meant for aiding you in disabling and remembering passwords in Outlook 2007. Just read on these Outlook help guidelines to get the job done!
1. Launch the Control Panel utility by clicking on the Windows Start button and select the Control Panel icon from the left pane.
2. The Control Panel window will open up displaying a series of icons. Change the view type by clicking on the Switch To Classic View link over the left pane.
3. Locate the icon titled Mail from the window and double click on it to open it. Now navigate to the tab named Email Account.
4. Select the option View or change existing email accounts and click Next to continue.
5. Navigate back to the Email tab and highlight your primary email by clicking on it. Now click the Change button that is located adjacent to your primary email name.
6. In the new window, navigate to the bottom right corner and click on the More Settings button.
7. Go to the main interface of the Outlook application and select the Security option from the top menu bar.
8. In the new window, you will see an option titled Always prompt for user name and password. Enable the option by checking the box shown next to it.
9. Click Ok and then hit Next and finally click Finish to save your new settings. Now you have disabled the Outlook option to automatically save your log in details.
10. Restart your PC and you will find that your Outlook application will redirect you to a new log in page.
We hope you are clear with the instructions. You can refer Outlook Help forums for more information regarding the topic! Thank you for visiting and have a good day!

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