Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Steps To Remove Old Calendar Records In Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is one of the best personal information manager program developed by the Microsoft Company.  Apart from the basic mailing application, Microsoft incorporated several additional features like calendar, distribution list, address book etc. By utilizing these features one can easily schedule meetings and engagements. The information managed using Microsoft Outlook is kept in a data file within outlook in a file called PST. A better way to reduce the size of this Outlook data file is to delete the old entries that you have made in the Outlook calendar. You can delete these files manually or archive them. Mentioned below are the Outlook help instructions for doing the same.
How to delete the old calendar records manually?
Launch the Microsoft Outlook program.
Now select the calendar option situated on the left side of the window.
Tag along the view tab and then select the current view option under the arrange by category.
Now from the current view option, select the by category option.
Then you can click the categories option.
Press the cntrl+A keys on your keyboard to select the entire calendar records.
If you want to delete a particular entry then select the particular entry form the displayed list.
Once you determine the calendar item that you want to delete, trigger the delete key on your keyboard followed by clicking the enter switch.
How to archive calendar records in Microsoft Outlook?
Start off by launching the Microsoft Outlook Program.
Now click the file option on the top menu bar and then select the archive option from the file menu thus opened.
Now click archive this folder and all subfolders options to archive your calendar items in Microsoft Outlook account.
Click calendar option from the displayed list in the archive dialogue box. When done, choose a date from the Archive items older than option. This automatically archive the calendar records before the selected date.
Now put a check mark in the field next to include items with Do not AutoArchive option to archive the entire calendar records.
Now locate a place for saving this backup file on your system hard drive followed by clicking the OK button to start copying.
Hope these instructions from the Outlook Help team will aid you to remove the records within the Microsoft Outlook calendar. Thank you!

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