Sunday, October 26, 2014

Steps To Transfer Files To Windows 8 Using Windows Easy Transfer

Most users who have either switched over to Windows 8 or are in the process of doing the same from their old PCs face a common issue i.e. transferring files to the Windows 8 system. Although it is quite a simple process as stated by the Omni tech support team, many users face issues while attempting to move data from their Windows XP or 7 computers to the latest Windows 8 systems.

If you are using a Windows 7 system, the computer would already have an option by the name Windows Easy Transfer. However, if you’re using older versions like Windows Vista or XP, you would require downloading and installing this program to transfer files to the Windows 8 system. As it is evident from several OmniTech support reviews posted by users, most of them either fail to install the Windows Easy Transfer or fail to run it successfully. Once you’ve have installed the program, it would automatically get started.

As mentioned above, a Windows 7 computer already comes with this option and all you require is to click on the start button and type the program’s name and then click on the search result. Once the program is opened, you can click on the Next button and you’ll be directed to a screen where there would be two options that ask you to choose the option of how you wish to transfer your data. If you’re having a USB flash drive, you can click on the first option to be directed to a new screen where Windows will ask you if it is your old or new computer. Here, make sure you click on the This is my old computer button. At any point of time, you can also dial the Omni tech support number or check some of the OmniTech support reviews, where users have posted details about transferring data to their Windows 8 systems.

After saving the required data in the USB flash drive, you can move onto the new Windows 8 computer. At the Windows 8 Start Screen, type in Windows Easy Transfer, open it and click on the Next button. Here, you will get three options on the screen, asking you what do you want to use to transfer items to your new computer. Select the option that says USB flash drive and then click on This is my new PC button. Now, insert your USB flash drive into the Windows 8 computer and start transferring the information.

By following this method, you can successfully transfer data from your old PC to the new Windows 8 system. To get more assistance on the same, you may also contact the Omni tech support team.

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