Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Improve Battery Life In Windows 7

Windows 7 is one of the best OS platforms of all times. As computer users, we would definitely wish to have prolonged battery life for our systems. This is a genuine wish that every user would have. If you are one such person, let us check the different techniques that could help us to save the battery life of Windows 7. You can even contact Windows 7 help and support team to know more about it. Let us go through the different tips given below.

Idle resource usage

For a majority of time, our computer stays on and this will use up considerable energy and power. This is one of the most important factors that you need to consider while using a computer. The utilization of resource in Windows 7 can be reduced considerably and thus, idle efficiency in Windows 7 can be improved a lot. You can make you hardware function at a lower power and thus increase the life of your battery. The hardware components that can be considered include disk, processor, network activity and memory of the computer. CPU will use nearly 0 watts when it is idle and it will consume upto 35 watts when it is at complete power mode.

Enable Start Services

When you normally start your computer, a majority of the services start automatically. But, there are certain services in Windows 7, which start only when there is an IP change. This makes certain services to start at inappropriate timings. You can make these services initiate during startup.

Advanced power management for processor

There are certain processors that could manage power in a better way. You can choose processors that have device drive supports. You can consider its level of performance and its capacity to handle load before you get it implemented.

Reduce brightness for display

When the computer is inactive, you could reduce the brightness of the display and this could save the battery life considerably. You can even turn off the monitor or simply dim the display.

Audio with minimum power

If you compromise on audio power, it could save your battery life. For the devices like microphones or web-cams, you can choose them with low audio power.

These are the different factors that you can consider to save battery life in Windows 7.You can contact Windows 7 help and support team for assistance, if you need any.

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