Monday, August 25, 2014

About Features Of Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a well-known application suite released by Microsoft for their Windows operating systems. There several programs included in Microsoft Office like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc, which can be quite useful for both professional and personal users. Moreover, there are some wide features associated with Microsoft Office making it one of the most powerful applications that Microsoft has ever released. Now, let us look at some of the features associated with Microsoft Office according to Microsoft support page.

Wide functionality

By using Microsoft Office, you will be able to accomplish some wide varieties of task in a simple manner. For e.g. Microsoft Word, which is a word processor application, can be used to create various documents for both personal as well as for office use. For designing various things like invitations and brochures, you can make use of the Microsoft Publisher application whereas the Microsoft Excel application helps you track various things like payroll, customer roster, etc. Moreover, to help the users present the slide show presentations in a meaningful and effective manner, they can make use of Microsoft PowerPoint application enclosed in the Microsoft Office suite. These are some of the functions associated with the basic applications in Office suite and once you start using it, you will be able to discover more functionalities.

Industry standards and formats

It is better to make use of Microsoft Office in order to format your work, in case you need to send documents or materials to various companies and thereby making sure that the recipient gets what you intend to send. Otherwise, what you want to express will not be presented in the proper way. Since the Office suite complies with industry standards, it is sure that your recipients get the actual information that you intend to send. It is always better to avoid confusions regarding the file conversions by using the applications in Office suite.

Good support options

The Microsoft Office application suite is compatible with both Windows as well as Mac operating systems. Hence, you will be able to use Office files in most of the computers. Besides this, there is online and telephone support available, which a user can make use of, if he/she faces any issues. If you face any problems while using any of the applications in Microsoft Office suite, you can ask for help or else you can visit the Microsoft support page online.

Beside all these features, it is absolutely user friendly and even a person, who does not have advanced technical knowledge can operate it smoothly.

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